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Moths fly during the night. Moths have been known to ruin clothing stored in closets and drawers. Your restaurants, pantries, and vineyards might be attacked by moths. Our expert staff at Moth Control Pyrmont uses cutting-edge methods and tools to eradicate moths from your property. Also, we know about the behaviour of moths. Thus it makes us easy to eliminate the moths from the property. 

Pest Control Pyrmont can provide you with the most effective service. We have a group of highly experienced professionals. Call 02 4058 2769 to make the appointment with one of our moth exterminators so they can protect you against moth assault. Our Pyrmont moth control team is available round the clock to assist you.

Signs Of Identification of Pantry And Cloth Moth Infestation

If you see many adult moths in your place this means the invasion is huge. Thus it becomes very important to call a professional. But if you are not sure you can see the following symptoms:

Symptoms of cloth moths

  • You can see many holes and tears in the clothes.
  • Your silk and wool clothes have trenches, grooves or tunnels in them. 
  • One can also see moths’ wings lying on the floor.
  • A layer was deposited on the mattress, clothes, rugs and drapes.
  • Or else you can see moths flying near the light. 

Signs of Pantry moths

  • Uncovered food contains eggs or larvae of moths.
  • In kitchen drawers, you can see moth excretions.
  • Plastic food packs have holes in them.
  • Dark colour moths flying in the kitchen

So do not delay if you sight a moth. Our team is always ready to help you in the elimination of moths. Therefore ring us right now. 

Why Are Moths Harmful To Humans?

If you move out at night, you may probably see the moths flying all around. These moths may 

Although you may observe moths attracted to your outside lights at night. These are not the sorts of moths that commonly infest homes. Pantry moths and clothing moths are the most common moth pests. Carrying contaminated things into the house is the most typical way to develop a moth infestation. Food and textile products that contain larvae or eggs might cause a moth infestation when you least expect it. Thereby infecting everything they invade. 

Pantry moths are ideal for unsealed items in our pantries. These insects may lay their eggs in places where they would be nourished and fostered, such as grains and flour. Moths feast on natural textiles like velvet, wool, and silk in our closets. These things can help their eggs hatch and survive. Since the fibres provide both nourishment and protection. In this way, the moths cause destruction to humans. 

The Comprehensive Process For Moth Control We Follow

If moths invade the property, it causes serious problems. The outbreak of moths can cause holes in clothes. Moreover, these tiny critters are not easy to handle. So a professional help in the eradication of moths. Here are the steps we follow:

  • Moth Inspection- A group of our professionals will come to your location to assess the issue and determine the best course of action for eradication. We will examine and write a report on the eradication process of moths. Our Moth Control Pyrmont team has complete knowledge of the eradication of moths. So you can count on us. 
  • Specific Chemical Treatment- Our professionals operate carefully and safely. The moth elimination process uses non-toxic pesticides. Using insecticides, our team members are quite skilled at getting rid of moths like white cabbage moths. Our professionals assure safety by taking all necessary precautions. Getting rid of dead moths is a difficult process that our specialists can complete with ease. Because other insects are attracted to the leftovers of deceased insects, they are more harmful.
  • Moth Prevention Advice- though it is difficult to control moths without professional help. Yet preventions can be done. Some of the tips are:
  • Regularly vacuum the carpets.
  • Use taps to catch up with the moths.
  • Use cedar oil to keep moths at bay.
  • Regularly wash your clothes.

The Reasons For Hiring Us For Moth Control Pyrmont

To be at the top, we work 24 by 7. You may book us for eco-friendly spray applications, our skilled moth exterminators, and other services. 

  • Experts on moths: We have a pest control specialist that will keep an eye on your issues. We have a variety of expertise for various tasks, including exterminators for carpet moths and pantry moths. 
  • The best team: If you choose to work with us, you will be in touch with the most effective team. Because we have the best Cabbage moth control staff, they operate effectively and patiently.
  • Modern techniques: We use the latest moth pest control ways to eradicate moths. We deal in a variety of things, including non-toxic methods and heat treatments. 
  • Safe solutions: In terms of the ecology and the welfare of living things, we use the safest technique.
  • Low price: We give the best winter moth control service in Pyrmont at a reasonable cost. 


Is it essential to eradicate moths from your property?

Yes, it is very essential to eliminate moths out of your place. Because if not treated it can destroy all your clothes. Also will contaminate the foodstuff. 

Do you moth control professionals offer emergency service?

Yes. our moth control professionals are always ready to help our customers in need. You just need to ping us and we will reach you immediately. 

Do you provide your service in north Pyrmont?

Yes, we have resided in every corner of Pyrmont. Thus can serve each and every location near Pyrmont. 

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